Digital Membership Cards

The Student Network is going digital! We're making it easier than ever before for Student Network members to access and utilize their membership cards on-the-go.


Launching before August 1, 2019, all Student Network members will receive access to their digital membership cards! To be more efficient and more environmentally friendly, My Carolina stopped producing plastic membership cards after the 2018-2019 academic year. 

By signing in to or, Student Network members will have access to a web-version of their digital membership card. We are currently developing Apple Wallet and Google Pay integrations so that you can carry your membership card with you without taking up valuable space in your pockets!

Some discounts in the My Carolina Discount Program require that you show your digital membership card. Either sign in to the website on your phone, print your membership profile, or show the Apple Wallet/Google Pay pass to get verified. My Carolina staff can also look up and verify Student Network membership at events like the BEAT T-Shirt giveaways.