Which Student Network membership is the best deal?


We are very focused on making the Student Network membership worth more than what you spend to join.

We currently offer three ways to buy your membership:

- Annual Membership | $25

- Three Year Membership | $50 

- Four Year Membership | $75

As you can see, buying a Four Year membership saves you $25, plus you get even more great benefits over the four year period. A Three Year membership (meant for transfer and sophomore students), has the same cost-saving and extra benefits as the Four Year membership.

We do not believe that there is another membership out there where you have an opportunity to receive 28 custom T-Shirts over four years for $75! With just T-Shirts alone, that is $2.67 per custom shirt. Plus, with hundreds of discounts, $30 off your Carolina Ring, and exclusive networking events, it is hard to put a price on a Four Year Student Network membership!